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Auditor certification includes the following schemes:

  • quality management systems internal auditors certification;
  • quality manager certification;
  • quality management systems lead auditors certification;
  • environmental management systems internal auditors certification;
  • environmental management systems lead auditors certification;
  • occupational health and safety management systems internal auditors certification;
  • occupational health and safety management systems lead auditors certification.

Auditor certification schemes are designed for:

  • internal auditors and quality managers, conducting internal audits;
  • quality management systems consultants, conducting internal audits for their clients;
  • certification bodies’ employees, conducting certification audits;
  • other categories of personnel, conducting different types of audits.

Certification rules and forms of documents

Auditor certification stages
  1. Demonstration of you knowledge, skills and personal attributes.
    For internal auditors there are requirements set regarding personal attributes, knowledge and skills, which an applicant shall demonstrate.
  2. Demonstration of your education, work experience, audit experience.
    Applicants shall demonstrate their qualification through education, work experience and audit experience.
  3. Submission of application for certification, payment of bill for application review.
    You are required to fill out application for certification, form and submit to Russian Register Head Office a set of application documents.For review of your application by Russian Register you shall pay the bill for application review.
  4. Payment of the first annual certification fee.
    Upon positive completion of your competence assessment, you are required to pay the first annual certification fee. Annual payments shall be maid each year from the moment of certification.
  5. Issue of certificate and certification card.
    Certificate and certification card will be sent by post to the address, specified in application for certification.
  6. Recertification.
    Each three years you will have to submit evidence of recertification requirements fulfillment.

Certification Association “Russian Register”

the largest internationally recognized Russian certification and expert organization. Independence and objectivity of Russian Register, as well as competence of our personnel, are proved by numerous national and foreign accreditations and positive experience of over 15 years of activities.Russian Register gives its clients an opportunity to obtain complex services on certification, expertize and conformity assessment of various aspects related to management, products and personnel. Here you can get better acquainted with our services and choose the one you require.

Dutch Accreditation Council RvA

an independent accreditation body, member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF), signatory to IAF MLA (multilateral agreement for mutual recognition of accreditations).

Since 2004, Certification Association “Russian Register” is accredited for conduction of works on quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management systems, food safety management systems certification in this established and one of the oldest accreditation bodies – RvA (certificate № C432 и scope of accreditation). This circumstance legally ensures Russian Register certificates’ full recognition by all IAF member countries.

Accreditation of Russian Register in the American Accreditation Board ANAB covers ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 55001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ensures the widest international recognition for our clients.

Markets and governments of most developed countries now require them to supply lumber produced from raw materials to the legal basis of the principles of sustainable forest management. The guarantee of this is the international certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FSC — Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-profit organization, which main objective is to promote environmentally responsible, socially-oriented and economically viable forestry and international forest resources management.

FSC is a membership-based organization, which includes over 800 international members, belonging to social, environmental and economic chambers. Certification against FSC scheme is conducted by accredited certification bodies. FSC itself does not conduct forest certification. This helps FSC maintain an independent approach in development of requirements and standards, and maintain lack of bias towards enterprises, seeking certification.

On the area of FSC certified forest Russia firmly in second place in the world, second only to Canada. FSC – is a global leader in forest certification in the world now recites:

  • more than 180 million hectares of FSC certified forests;
  • more than 30 thousand FSC Certificate Supply Chain..

RR is accredited Worldwide for FSC chain of custody certification, and provides the following certification services:

  • Certification of Chain of Custody;
  • Certification of chain of custody and FSC-controlled wood (FSC CoC/CW).

Since March 2012 Russian Register has been a member of Forest Stewardship Council of Russia, and since May 2014 –an international member of FSC.

Benefits of FSC certification

Upon receiving the certificate an enterprise can get tangible significant achievements:

  • Enter international environmentally-sensitive markets of Europe, America and Asia with certified products and receive recognition;
  • Increase investment appeal of the business and promote capitalization of the enterprise itself;
  • Improve enterprise’s image at local and regional level;
  • Ability to use FSC mark, demonstrating that this products are obtained as a result of legal and responsible forestry;
  • Get priority during the conclusion of long-term agreement for supply of FSC certified products and more beneficial price policy;
  • Opportunity to receive support of responsible forestry from all levels of authority and environmental organizations;
  • FSC certification is actually a pass to the markets of a number of world’s developed countries due to severization of requirements in trade legislation. For example, the European Union order on mandatory confirmation of lawfulness has fully come into effect in March 2013, and Lacy’s law is valid in the US since April 2009.

Certification Association “Russian Register” is an officially approved Certification Body for Railway Industry Enterprises’ Business Management Systems certification for compliance with the requirements of international IRIS standard by IRIS group, UNIFE (the Association of the European Rail Industry – working group.

Official approval was received by Russian Register on September, 28 2011 upon signing of Framework Agreement between Certification Association “Russian Register” and UNIFE. The number of Russian Register approval: IRIS 11/09/15.

Russian Register has the official accreditation of the RF Federal Accreditation Service (RusAccreditation) effective under the RF Federal Law dated 28.12.2013 N 412-FZ “On accreditation within the national accreditation system”. In accordance with this federal law legitimacy and recognition of Conformity Certificates at the territory of RF is ensured through accreditation of the RF Federal Accreditation Service (RusAccreditation) assigned to a certification body.

This national accreditation covers certification against management standards and product certification.

In accordance with the Provision on the Federal accreditation service approved by the decree of the Russian Federation Government dated October 17, 2011 № 845, Rosaccreditation is an authorized federal executive body performing functions of a Russian Federation national accreditation body, as well as functions on developing a single national accreditation system and exercising control of activities of the accredited bodies.

Please note, that in accordance with the new rules stated in the RF Federal Law N 412-FZ, voluntary certification systems still exist, however full and definite recognition of certification results and certificates issued in RF is ensured directly by Rosaccreditation accreditation of a certification body. In addition a Customer can request for a sectorial accreditation – for example, military industry sector, oil and gas sector and a number of other sectors.

Availability of national accreditation in Russian Register along with foreign (RvA (Netherlands), ANAB (USA) – IAF members) and sectorial accreditations will ensure maximum recognition of Your Certificate!

IQNet – International Certification Bodies Association. IQNet certification system is developed to provide clients of IQNet members’, 36 leading Certification Bodies from 32 world countries, with maximum possible recognition at global markets. Each IQNet partner, including Russian Register, issues their clients, apart from Certificate of conformity in its system, a unified IQNet Certificate of conformity.

Currently there are about 310 000 valid IQNet Certificates of conformity in the world. The second objective of IQNet certification system is the development of innovative certification programs, based on leading management standards, for IQNet partners’ clients. For this purpose in 2005 there was established a production division of the Association – IQNet Ltd. This division develops, promotes and accredits innovative certification programs, accessible for all Certification Bodies–IQNet members, which allow to provide their client with widest possible range of certification services.

Due to IQNet membership Russian Register currently offers such unique certification programs as social accountability management system certification for compliance with SA 8000 with SAAS accreditation, business continuity management system certification for compliance with BS 25999 standard and a number of other programs.

In 2015 “Russian Register” became a full member of INQAAHE – International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education as a certification and expert organization which provides educational organizations with the services in the scope of independent expert assessment of education quality.

The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) was founded in 1991 and today it is a global association  which unites over  200 organizations actively dealing with theoretical and practical solutions in the scope of higher education quality assurance.

The major part of the network members are quality assurance agencies  operating all over the world and performing education quality assurance based on various approaches. Among members of INQAAHE there are also other organizations interested in the issues of higher education quality assurance (associated members of the network).

Thus INQAAHE offers the network member organizations a great number of advantages from their participation in the active team of workers in the scope of higher education quality assurance. This community of the associates ensures recognition, support and assistance in the daily work on quality assurance. Members of the network may share experience with each other in the scope of higher education quality assurance, participate in conferences, forums, seminars on this subject matter. With access to the “best practices” in the scope of higher education quality assurance and mechanisms of its assessment, network members have the opportunity to learn how other organizations work in this field, and how to develop and improve their approaches towards assurance of education quality.

Our Services

Management systems certification is a procedure for confirmation of a degree of Organization’s management system conformity to requirements of a particular standard.

ACS W3 Solutionz provides the whole range of the services related to supplies of products to the territory of RF and the Eurasian Economic Union (previously – Custom Union), including:

Personnel certification covers the following categories of professions: Specialist in respect of management systems, including Internal Auditors, Managers, Auditors/Lead Auditors, Experts-Auditors, Experts;

FSC — Forest Stewardship Council®, is an international non-for-profit organization the main aim of which is to facilitate environmentally responsible, socially focused and economically viable management of forests and world’s forest resources.

Energy audit is a set of services for those enterprises and organizations that have made a decision to develop using an intensive course, decreasing irrational losses and upgrading production and management.

Extended technical audit (ETA) is a process with a help of which a competent independent Russian Register specialist (expert) collects and evaluates evidence of measurable information related to a specific economic system

Consulting services designed to assess your current level situation and identify opportunities to advance your sustainability performance.

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